• 3D Pain Relief Therapy / MTM Body Therapy

3D Pain Relief Therapy / MTM Body Therapy

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5 Reasons for using 3D Magic Hand and Interferential Current Therapy (IFC)

  1. Painkiller: IFC therapy is known to be one of the best methods of treatment for alleviating pain. By sending small electrical impulses to stimulate and treat underlying tissues and nerves, the treatment treats pain at its very root.
  1. Decreases swelling: IFC therapy is known to decrease swelling and inflammation. By promoting circulation in the body and penetrating the tissues deeply, it takes care of swelling and reduces inflammation.
  1. Restore normal movements: With the stiffness disappearing from joints as well as muscular spasms, you are able to have unrestricted movements and coordination. Compared to other forms of treatments, the results are much quicker and effective.
  1. Increases the self-healing process of the body: IFC therapy stimulates the natural hormones known as endorphins in the body, which helps us heal faster. Endorphins that lay in dormant stage are stimulated by these electric impulses, and the “feel good” factor of the endorphins results in the faster healing process.
  1. Most effective form of treatment for persistent pain: There are many physicians who have accepted the fact that IFC therapy is the most effective form of persistent pain treatment. It is common for a patient to be treated in a matter of twenty minutes to half an hour and be virtually pain-free after the session. IFC therapy does not prolong and the results are long lasting.

(MTM) Therapy is based on the philosophy that our external appearance is influenced by our internal health. MTM Therapy is a form of remedial massage that uses buffalo horn tools to enable the therapist to go deeper to unlock knots in your muscles, providing more effective relief for chronic pain, muscle stiffness and fibromyalgia. As our MTM Therapy works directly on your meridians (the channels in your body through which the life-energy known as qiflows), it is also able to relieve symptoms associated with meridian blockages such as weight gain, water retention, etc.

Our MTM Therapies are customised according to your individual needs in the following areas:

  1. MTM Eye Therapy: Helps to refresh your peepers and reduce dark circles and eye bags.
  2. MTM Face Therapy: Firms saggy skin, reduces wrinkles, contours face shape, and eases headaches and migraines.
  3. MTM Back Therapy: Alleviates upper and lower backaches and consequently, improves complexion.
  4. MTM Buttocks Therapy: Helps to alleviate sciatic problems such as lower back and buttock pain, numbness in the legs and feet, as well as constipation and bladder-related issues. It even provides a lifting effect on the buttocks.
  5. MTM Arm, Chest & Shoulder Therapy: Eases stiff neck, frozen shoulder, and tightness in the chest area while firming up the bust and flabby arms.
  6. MTM Tummy Therapy: Reduces bloatedness, improves digestion, helps with menopausal issues, and ultimately, shapes the waist and enhances complexion.
  7. MTM Leg Therapy: Reduces cellulite, firms saggy flesh, alleviates water retention, and improves the appearance of varicose veins.