• (VPL)Permanent Hair Removal

(VPL)Permanent Hair Removal

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You've probably heard of VPL permanent hair removal, but may be wondering what it is all about. Hair removal is the most common reason that women and men seek to aim remove unwanted hair. 

Here's a Better Solution TRY (VPL)

Hair removal using variable pulsed light (VPL) is the most technologically advanced method available today. It can only be performed in a beauty salon or clinic by a trained and certified therapist.

VPL is extremely safe and effective (with FDA approval). Results are visible from the very first treatment. It is suitable for treating unwanted hair on all parts of the face and body, even those sensitive areas like bikini line, underarm and lip. VPL is also the most painless of all your hair removal options. In fact it is no more painful than being flicked by a hair brush

12 Session for underarm $980