Blogger PearlyWerkz
I was invited to Dream Skin Spa sometime back to spend some "ME" time at their Bukit Batok Outlet..
I always have a problem with my body aching due to long term siting position at work. But after I..
Customer ID 1231
Therapist in Dreamskin has given me very good services in terms of skill and advice on how to mai..
I have been visiting Dream skin for my facials and body massage treatment for 5 years. 5 years ag..
Doris Ong
I started drinking BioCode about 5 months ago with consuming 1 bottle daily for the 1st month and..
Tan Shiau Hsia
After staying on with BioCode, I was really impressed that it really works for me. It helps to rejuv..
I am 5 years customer with Dream skin knowing all the personal well especially Peggy Kiu who has ..
Mr Hasan and Mrs Anbreen
We had one of the best Massage at Dream Skin. We really like the 3D Pain relief IFC pulse, its helps..
Hanzel orlanda
VPL armpit treatment at Dream Skin is one of the Best treatments for armpit hair removal. After just..
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