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I was invited to Dream Skin Spa sometime back to spend some "ME" time at their Bukit Batok Outlet to loosen my knots and relax my body. If you remember, sometime last year, I spend sometime at their Tampines Outlet. Read my review here

Located right in the neighborhood of Bukit Batok, you can take a short walk from Bukit Batok MRT station and within a few minutes walk, you will see this big poster located outside their shop.

Their promotion board, advertising about the facial services which they offer in the wellness center.

I was asked to take a sit while waiting for my masseur to get ready my room, while i sip on some warm tea.

My cup of warm tea

While sipping my cup of tea, I spotted this poster which I took a closer look. There are 3 main types of MTM Therapy services within this wellness center. I was there to try a fusion of massage, using their machine as well as the MTM Therapy.

They were kind enough to check me in to their VIP Couple Room which was enjoyed by yours truely that day. The very first thing that caught my eye was the jacuzzi located right behind the room. How lovely, if only I will get to use the tub someday. Can I have this at home please?

The whole interior of the couple room was big, spacious and very neatly organized. I felt relax the moment I stepped into the room. Its bigger than my master bedroom, what more can I ask for?

The lighting was adjustable as well. This room makes me feel so relaxed already.

Beside my bed was the Interferntial Current (IFC) machine that was being used on me with the MTM massage that the masseur was performing on me. I will share more later.

So I got into the changing room where my disposable undie and "sarong" was awaiting for me to change into. The only inconvenience is that if you need to pee, you have to use the toilet located outside. So what is the MTM massage about?

Drawing upon the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Meridians Tissue Manipulation (MTM) Therapy is based on the idea that our external appearance is somewhat influenced by our internal health. (E.g We are what we eat).

MTM Therapy is a form of remedial massage that uses buffalo horn tool (Niu Jiao) to enable the therapist to go deeper to unlock knots in your muscles, providing more effective relief for chronic pain, muscle stiffness and fibromyalgia. 

As the MTM Therapy works directly on your meridians (the channels in your body through which the life-energy known as qi flows), it is also able to relieve symptoms associated with meridian blockages such as weight gain, water retention, etc.

Treatment 1 (I personally felt it was a fusion of both because other than spending sometime on my upper body, my masseur did most of the work on my back and sides of my body as well)

MTM Arm, Chest & Shoulder Therapy: 

Eases stiff neck, frozen shoulder, and tightness in the chest area while firming up the bust and flabby arms.
MTM Back Therapy: 
Alleviates upper and lower backaches and consequently, improves complexion.

The MTM massage was really painful and I could hardly bear the pain. My masseur moved the buffalo horn tool "Niu Jiao" from my shoulders, to my back, until she reached my tail bone and she was really skillful. She managed to target all the points that I had issue with (maybe because that was close to my whole body). I felt that time and age was really catching up fast on me. I reckon that when we tense up our body, it would make it even more painful, so throughout the whole time I was trying to be as relaxed as I can.

She could sense my pain and she had to stopped for awhile, before i realized that its finally over! This is not that one massage that you will sleep soundly throughout.

Treatment 2 3D Magic Hand Therapy

This is a pain relief Therapy which is a fusion of the traditional hand massage and Interferntial Current (IFC). It is a machine that transmit waves to alleviate pain by sending small electrical impulses to stimulate and treat underlying tissue and nerves, the treatment treats pains to its very root. 

Some benefits of this therapy includes decrease in swelling and inflammation through promoting blood circulation. It helps you restore normal movement faster by removing the stiffness through the waves penetration. This is a natural and self-healing treatment for persistent pain relief and the effects are often long lasting.

A special type of cream was applied on parts of my body before the IFC machine was used. As explained by my masseur, this is to allow the penetration of the IFC waves.

Overall I was really pleased with the quality of the massages of both treatments. The service was good, the skills of the masseur was good, she did asked if it was too painful for me and she explained to me the benefits of the massage and why they used a machine to fuse with the massage. She even asked me to compare both sides of my back to experience the "curve" which makes my back more toned after using the IFC machine, versus the side which she had not used the machine. It did felt more toned.

I went home with a relaxed body and I slept really well for the night. It was a very interesting and unique experience to have IFC waves pass through your body while you experience the hand massage. You should come and experience it yourself.

A cozy corner towards the end of the bed where you can sit and relax for awhile before you leave or while waiting for your masseur to come.

Tip: If you are going for any massages, remember to drink plenty of water to detox your body after the massage and do not shower within 1-2hours after your massage to allow the qi to flow in your body properly.