Workplace Massage

Wellness activities make up a big part of such innovative, flexible benefits schemes. The advantages of providing staff with access to wellness packages range from improving the overall well-being of employees, rewarding staff, providing relax and recreation for employees and sponsorship schemes.

“Getting the right work, life and relaxation balance is becoming a bigger responsibility for companies today than it was in the past,” Dream Skin Management team says. “As employees tackle more work and longer hours in the office, their health and well-being slowly declines.”

“Companies which have previously introduced a wellness programme experience a positive, happy, productive and more reliable work team,” he adds.

HR can work with Dream Skin to customise a wellness programme for the company – be it on-site massage services or birthday and long service award gift vouchers for employees.

“Besides corporate rates for wellness services such as 3D Pain Relief Therapy, Dream Skin also offers wellness products such as Doctes for facial, skincare and spa and Meditrina for body, relaxation and healing,” says Dream Skin Beauty Wellness.

 A dose of wellness

Dream Skin offers Workplace on-site Massage

Offers Discounted corporate rates.

Free consultation on any skincare problems.

Collaboration with corporates for planned wellness programmes.

Customised solutions: Birthday gift voucher/Long service award gift voucher or any gift vouchers for employees with discounted rates.

VIP Couple room for corporate clients at no* additional charges.

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